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5 Tips to avoid Chronic Pain

APTA’s (The American Physical Therapy Association’s) campaign raises awareness about the dangers of prescription opioids and encourages consumers and prescribers to choose safer alternatives like physical therapy, consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines released in March 2016 urging non-drug treatment for most chronic pain conditions.

Below are 5 tips to help consumers know how to avoid the development of chronic pain:

  1. Know Pain, Know Gain.There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that understanding how our pain systems work is an excellent strategy in managing it. The great news is that you don’t need to know a lot! Simply knowing the basics of how our brain and nerves work, and their role in pain, can help reduce your chance for developing chronic symptoms.
  2. Keep moving. Gradually and steadily. Living an active, healthy lifestyle not only improves our general well-being and health, but can also reduce our chances of developing chronic pain. Our body was built to move, and we need to understand that not all aches or soreness is cause for concern.
  3.  Spend time with a good PT.If you experience an injury, or develop the onset of pain, seeing a physical therapist (PT) early on can help address and manage your symptoms. PTs are movement experts who can diagnose and treat injuries and help you identify strategies to better manage your pain. The earlier you seek care, the better the chances you have for not developing chronic symptoms. And there’s no reason to wait: you can see a physical therapist without a physician’s referral in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (and here in Ontario).
  4. Don’t focus on an image or test.While most of us want a diagnostic image (ie, x-ray, MRI) to tell us “why we hurt,” images actually give us little information about what’s causing pain. A study performed on individuals 60 years or older, who had no symptoms of low back pain, found that more than 90% had a degenerated or bulging disc, 36% had a herniated disc, and 21% had spinal stenosis. What shows up on an image may or may not be related to your symptoms. Once imaging has cleared you of a serious condition, your physical therapist will help guide you back to the life you want to live!
  5.  Addressing depression and anxiety helps.Your chances of developing chronic pain may be higher if you also are experiencing depression and anxiety. A recent study in the Journal of Pain showed that depression, as well as some of our thoughts about pain prior to total knee replacement, was related to long-term pain following the procedure. Make sure that you talk to your medical provider about your mental health throughout your treatment; it can help make your journey go much more smoothly following an injury or surgery.


In a splash, you can improve your function!

Need your health care budget to stretch further? Tired of the same old approach to prescription exercise? Too hard on your body to exercise? Not afraid of water?

Then Aqua Physiotherapy may be just the approach to try to work on your body problems. As promised, this fall in conjunction with Good Vibrations Fitness Studio. Therapeutic pool temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Minimum class registration numbers are needed to be able to offer these classes, so don’t wait, sign up today. Classes are set to begin September 28, 2015.

  • Hip and balance problems – Tuesdays & Thursdays; 1:30 – 2:15 pm
  • Fibromyalgia – Tuesdays & Thursdays; 2:30 – 3:15 pm
  • Chronic back problems – Mondays & Wednesdays 7 – 7:45 pm

These classes are physiotherapy classes, so accordingly if you have a doctor or nurse practioner’s referral you can  be able to claim it under a health benefit plan or as a medical expense under your income taxes. Prior to pool classes, an initial assessment is required to create a baseline and a set of goals.

Call 613-283-7747 for registration by September 18, 2015 to set an initial assessment date.

First Nordic “Urban Pole” walking program a great success!

The first “Urban Pole” Nordic walking program we launched from the Healthy Living Festival this summer was definitely a success as it came to its completion August 4, 2015 . The group gathered no matter the weather (we got caught in one of those impressive rain storms once –just once though) and learned how to make the most beneficial use of our poles in the fitness sport activity of Nordic Walking. The keen group achieved improvement over the 5 weeks of their walking and exercise tolerance and were eager to continue their fun.

So, if you missed out because you just couldn’t jam another thing in this summer, prepare to try a new fall activity among the beautiful colours. Another Nordic Walking Program is set to start Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting September 29, 2015.