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Lauralee, owner and Physiotherapist, has over 28 years of experience to effectively evaluate and treat a great variety of problems associated with injuries and diseases that may be contributing to a delay in resuming desired lifestyles. Persistence, patience, on-going skill and education acquisition and absolute commitment is her key to making a difference in people’s lives.


Orthopaedic therapy is the cornerstone of physiotherapy but her passion for neurology early on in her career and a flare for analysis, assimilation of theories and therapy styles is what has enhanced all of her physiotherapy outcomes. She remains current and offers evidence based care.


Lauralee Merkley is an efficient and caring physiotherapist who offers a variety of services for all age groups from infant to elder. Her approach begins with early, detailed assessment and reporting and continues with personalized rehabilitation programs, aimed at safe and effective return to daily life, leisure and work.


Merkley Physiotherapy believes in educating patients and engaging them in setting their goals and empowering them toward self-management, healing and ultimately getting well. In addition to patient input, effective and realistic goals are developed through communication and collaboration with their doctors, health care professionals and other persons key to their recovery.


The many successful patients are positive proof of her methods, expertise and experience, and a continuing source of pride for her practice.


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